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Ysabel Andrei is a huge Japanese popular culture enthusiast ever since she was a teenager. "Hana Yori Dango" and "Gokusen" were the reasons on why did she become a J-Pop fangirl. She's a Johnny's and an AMUSE fan. She adores KAT-TUN, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, ONE OK ROCK and Perfume so much. Ysa is also a huge fan of Miura Haruma, Sato Takeru, Kaku Kento, Dean Fujioka and Arata Mackenyu. Her most favorite Japanese actress is Takei Emi. She also watches Japanese dramas and films almost everyday. J-Pop has become her way of life and the reason for living.

Concert report masterlist:

  1. 2019.09.29 JAM Concert Day 2 featuring Seishun Kakumei, Yasutaka Nakata and MYTH&ROID

  2. 2019.03.02 Perfume WORLD TOUR 4th “FUTURE POP” in Taipei, Taiwan

  3. 2018.01.29 ONE OK ROCK AMBITIONS Tour in Manila

  4. 2017.09.09-10 SPYAIR at the Ongaku Fest in The Best of Anime 2017

  5. 2016.09.17-18 Haruna Luna and INKT Meet and Greet and Ongaku Fest at The Best of Anime 2016

  6. 2016.04.16 FLOW Live in Manila in Ozine Fest

  7. 2016.01.19 ONE OK ROCK 2016 "35XXXV" Asia Tour Live in Manila

  8. 2013.11.19 ONE OK ROCK 2013 "Who are you?? Who are we??" Tour in Bangkok, Thailand

  9. 2013.05.10 100% KPP World Tour in Singapore

  10. 2012.11.24 Perfume World Tour 1st in Singapore

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Takei Emi with Grape Hair

Japanese Dramas & Films Watchlist

Hello! I was inspired by koi_choshi to also make a Japanese dramas/films watchlist. I'll list the dramas and films by actors and actresses. Slashed marks means I've already watched it!

I'll update this list from time to time! <3

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Black and White Perfume

[2019.09.29] Japanese Anime Music (JAM) Concert Day 2 at Cosplay Mania 2019

After the JAM Concert Day 2


I was blissful when Cosplay Mania announced that one of their Japanese Anime Music guests is Yasutaka Nakata-san! I immediately shared the news to Perfume desu! Philippines (a local community for Perfume fans). Many Filipino Perfume fans were shocked with the news!

Yasutaka Nakata-san is the music producer behind CAPSULE, Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, MEG, etc. He also made some songs for virtual youtuber Kizuna Ai, J-Pop artist DAOKO and Yonezu Kenshi. As a huge fan of Perfume and Kyary, I made sure not to miss this once in a moment live concert!

I arrived at SMX Convention Centre, SM Mall of Asia at around 2pm. I was with Perfume fans too and with Ate Michelle from AMUSE PH who’s also a Nakata-san fan. I wasn’t able to roam around the area since there were too many people but I got to say hi to Kaila of Rainbowholic / Kawaii PH. I was so glad to see her again here in Manila. Before seating for the program, we chose to eat first in preparation for the concert. Bacon cheeseburger of Minute Burger was delish! I ate two. Haha

We were able to catch the program of the seiyuu (voice actors). The guests for Cosplay Mania 2019 were Kumai Motoko and Okubo Rumi. Kumai Motoko is most popular for her role for Card Captor Sakura: Li Syaoran. Meanwhile, Okubo Rumi is popular as Elizabeth Bathory of Fate Grand Order. We got to know them through the question and answer portion and I was greatly entertained with their voice acting talent. They were amazing! I am greatly familiar with “Cardcaptor Sakura” and I felt so lucky to hear the real voice of Syaoran live! Okubo Rumi’s voice is too cuuuute to handle too!

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Ysabel Andrei

TAKEI EMI: My Most Favorite Japanese Actress

Takei Emi

Anyone who follows me on twitter and on my facebook account would know that I am a very huge fan of Takei Emi. She's my most favorite Japanese actress. I treat her like a little sister!

I got to know her through Miura Haruma’s drama “You taught me all the precious things”. I was captivated by her relentless acting and alluring beauty.

You taught me all the precious things starring Miura Haruma, Toda Erika and Takei Emi

Haruma plays as Emi’s teacher in “You taught me all the precious things”. I was actually startled with the first few scenes! A bed scene between Haruma and Emi at the very start?! Can you believe that?! The drama entails the story between a teacher and a student. I wouldn’t give further details anymore. I greatly suggest to just watch the drama to be surprised!

Emi as Saeki Hikari in "You taught me all the precious things"

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Black and White Perfume

[2019.03.02] Perfume WORLD TOUR 4th “FUTURE POP” in Taipei, Taiwan

(c) Perfume's official facebook page

Hi, fellow J-Pop fans! As some of you may know, I flew to Taipei, Taiwan to witness Perfume’s “Future Pop” live concert! My friend and I also toured around Taiwan. We explored around our area during the morning before I went to the concert venue. But, let me dedicate this post for the concert report first.

Cheering each other for the Taipei show! <3

(c) Perfume's official facebook page

Perfume wearing the world tour shirt: KASHIYUKA, a-chan and NOCCHi

(c) Perfume's official facebook page

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[2019.02.09] Yuki no Hana / Snow Flower Viewing Party in SM Megamall

JDoramaEiga PH organized a viewing party for "Snow Flower" last February 9th and 10th. The Japanese movie "Yuki no Hana" or "Snow Flower" stars Ayami Nakajo and one of Sandaime J Soul Brothers' main vocals Tosaka Hiroomi. This romance movie is based on a Nakashima Mika song with the same title. The filming was both held in Tokyo, Japan and in Finland and took four months from February until June 2018.

Plot from Asianwiki:

Hirai Miyuki (Nakajo Ayami) is physically weak and she has been like that since she was a child. She then receives the diagnosis that she only has a little time left to live. Miyuki still dreams of going to Finland to see the Northern Lights. One day, Miyuki is the victim of a theft. She can't make a sound and drops down to the floor. At that time, Watabiki Yusuke (Tosaka Hiroomi) appears in front of her. Yusuke is honest and a blunt young man who aims to become a glass craftsman.

My most favorite part of the movie was of course the moving scene in Finland showing the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. Miyuki already admitted her feelings for Yusuke. Little did she know that Yusuke went after her in Finland.


Let's support and watch Japanese films while they're screening in our local cinemas! Viewers' Choice Philippines already teased us that they'll screen the latest Ring film starring Ikeda Elaiza soon on May!

JDoramaEiga Philippines SNS:

Facebook page -
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More photos from the viewing party:

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Ysa as drawn by ChichiLittle

[2018.12.09] Gintama 2: Rules Are Made To Be Broken Blockscreening with AMUSE PH and JDoramaEiga PH

Gintama 2: Rules Are Made To Be Broken Blockscreening

The people behind AMUSE PH and JDoramaEiga PH organized a blockscreening for the part 2 of the live-action film of Gintama. We were able to gather around 60 - 70 people to watch the movie together. We were supposed to have a marathon blockscreening however, we weren't able to gather enough participants for the first movie. Though, it was still super worth it since we were able to pull everything through and gather enough people for the second part.

As what I have mentioned on my previous entry about the movie, the part 2 is much better than the first part for me since it's so much action-packed! Everybody was cheering and laughing at the comedic parts too. I'm happy that the audience reacted that way. After the movie screening, we had various items for giveaway.

Here are the winners of the giveaway!





Photos are from JDoramaEiga PH

I hope you'll attend our next event!😉

Follow AMUSE PH and JDoramaEiga PH!



JDoramaEiga PH

ZOMG Kashiyuka

[2018.11.23] Gintama 2: Rules Are Made To Be Broken Fan's Screening in SM Megamall

(c) Odex Philippines

Hi, everyone! I had the chance to watch the live-action film of Gintama 2: Rules Are Made To Be Broken last November 23rd at SM Megamall. The tickets cost 1,200 Php for this special screening. All the attendees were given a free Gintama 2 shirt and a poster.

Gintama 2 shirt and poster

I personally think that the part two of this live-action film is more entertaining than the first one. I love it because of the comedy, the action and the tragic scenes. One of my favorite comedy scenes was when Gintoki (Oguri Shun), Shinpachi (Suda Masaki) and Kagura (Hashimoto Kanna) are in the salon. The Shogun came for a haircut. They accidentally cut his "chonmage" or the traditional Japanese topknot haircut so Gintoki pulled the Shogun's hair so hard that his face was disfigured. That was both a funny and scary scene! It was scary because of how the face ended up. I won't spoil much anymore so I hope you'll watch and look forward to that scene and to the whole movie!

Gintama also features one of my most favorite Amuse actors, Miura Haruma. Haruma played a dramatic role named Ito Kamotaro and he did not disappoint. His character is a serious one. If you have watched the anime series, then you'll have an idea what will happen to him. I easily cry when watching movies especially Japanese ones so I also went emotional when they showed the last few scenes of Haruma.

Miura Haruma as Kamotaro Ito

The main star of Gintama, Oguri Shun, did a great job again. He never ceases to deliver well. He was so good with both the comedy and action parts. I have also watched Shun's action dramas such as Border, Ouroboros and Crisis: Special Security Squad. He perfectly did an awesome job with those dramas I've mentioned so I would love it too if you would give them a try! He's totally an expert when it comes to action. By the way, Shun will have his Hollywood debut soon for the movie "Godzilla Vs. Kong" so let's also watch out for that!

Oguri Shun as the main star Gintoki

Shun's co-stars for Gintama, Hashimoto Kanna and Suda Masaki, also did an amazing job. I love Hashimoto Kanna's facial expressions. She's like the female version of Kaku Kento! I also like Suda Masaki's character here. He was also funny to me. Kubota Masataka, one of the new actors who was added in part 2, also did an excellent portrayal! Better watch out for his mind-blowing scenes! He only has few scenes but they were also absolutely great! He did not also disappoint! I also commend Yoshizawa Ryo and Yagira Yuya's acting. Yoshizawa Ryo who played Okita Sogo was so cool again so as Yagira Yuya. I love Oryo's character in the train scenes! He was so brave!

Kubota Masataka as Bansai Kawakami

One of the saddest parts for me while watching Gintama was I cannot really relate with the anime references. I got some but I didn't get most of it since I rarely watch anime nowadays. I'm more into Japanese dramas and films now.

I give the movie 9/10 for the good laugh and tears. It was such an entertaining movie.

A huge thanks to Odex Philippines for bringing the part 2 here! If you have the means to watch and support, please do so! We have a marathon blockscreening for Gintama movies 1 and 2 on December 9, Sunday, from 1-6pm at SM Lightmall Cinema 1. You might be free and interested! Kindly register here: http://bit/ly/GintamaMovieMarathon For more updates regarding the blockscreening, please follow JDoramaEiga Philippines and Amuse Philippines.

I hope you'll also enjoy watching as much as I did!☺️